About our food

The menu at China 1 whips up a scrumptious range of Asian preparations from the delicately flavored dishes of the Cantonese south to the rich dishes of the Mainland, our world class Chef has curated a spectacular menu with exotic fresh ingredients that are bound to tickle your taste buds!


About our drinks

The bar adorns spirits ranging from classics to new world. Experiment with our delicious cocktails. The perfect blend of premium liquor in our delicious concoctions like the Caribbean Calypso, Alaska and the California Chi Chi will tantalize your spirits.



Walk into China 1, and you’ll be charmed with its royal interiors, amidst an ambience that exudes Chinese magnificence; the architectural style, is a mélange of splendid Chinese and oriental décor. With elaborate carved artifacts and opulent fine dining décor, China 1 promises a dining experience in the most interesting of surroundings.

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