About China 1 Restaurant

A continent as magnanimous and a culture so diverse, China as a nation is divided into a number of provinces each with its unique characteristics forming the basis of Chinese preferences and customs.

Quoting an ancient Chinese proverb, “To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven”, it’s indeed true that the vastness of China’s geography and history echoes through the polyphony of Chinese cuisine. The ethnicity of the land reflects in its distinctive cuisine and at China 1 the objective has always been to provide authentic Chinese cuisine. To a palate that has gotten used to indianized Chinese cooking, we at China 1 also educate food connoisseurs about the authenticity and the true essence of Chinese cuisine.

Amidst an ambience that exudes Chinese magnificence; the architectural style at China 1, is a mélange of splendid Chinese and oriental décor. With elaborate carved artifacts and opulent fine dining décor, China 1 promises a dining experience in the most interesting of surroundings.

With a Chef native to the region and genuine ingredients imported from China, the Chef prepares the meal by showcasing eye-catching tricks and new variations on cooking techniques.

Indeed at China 1, the authentic cuisine, the grandeur that surrounds you along with the mood of festivity is enough to make each fine dining experience, a one to remember.

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Vision and Values

Our vision is to play advocate of the Chinese cuisine and culture in India. To provide authentic Chinese cuisine true to the land amidst an ambience of rich Chinese heritage and flavor. To provide world class dining experience to patrons, living up to guest expectations and never compromising on authenticity and essence of the cuisine. With certified hygiene conditions and a service that is warm, welcoming and crisp with knowledge of cuisine and culture, we aim to serve our loyal patrons an unforgettable dining experience.