Night Life

Though definition of a nightclub can vary from person to person but in overall aspect, China1 is a venue which provides an entertainment space for music, dancing, beverage consumption, and social interactions. It is a social gathering place, an experiential and memorable place, and a place of escape and excitement. China1 unlike other night joints doesn’t become non-interactive, during the daytime to its potential users but plays the role of a social enhancer . The interior of China1, manifests progression of space ,exterior applications, flexibility and other sensory issues . It has carved out its own place in Mumbai nightlife and , one can engage in a multitude of experiences that amplify the senses and create memories that will last a lifetime.

China1 provides an experience from not only inside the walls of a building but forming a palette of experiences before entering the main space. China1 ,beautifully co-exist with other entertainment functions and the spaces are flexible and kinetic. Audio/video and other support systems are mounted on hydraulic racking systems to tuck away within the membrane of the ceilings. Architectural expressed canopies over the bars are in sense rotate to a vertical position to close off the actual bar and beverage spaces and allow for the main space to be a more unified flexible atmosphere.
In nutshell this creates a progression of space or a build up to the energy within the China1night club. This energy plays well when the night takes birth and dance floor ignites and the guests has their own defining experience and are separated from one another to create different journeys.